Sew Far So Good – Learning to sew in my “spare time”

Straight out’a the gate crunched my thumb with the presser foot screw. Thought I managed to get the thread take-up lever stuck behind the face cover – when really I just needed to rotate the hand wheel forward. Always forward! Tried to use bobbins that wouldn’t wind, came with my thread kit, not my machine. But really, a little blood, sweat and tears make every new challenge all that much sweeter in the end, doesn’t it?? Nothin’ a little trucker mouth therapy, a few tears of frustration aaaand YouTube can’t solve!

Then my mom showed up and confirmed all my obligatory rookie mistakes! Thanks mom!!

So here we go, the 1st ever Toryn Threads original, bandana bibs

20170113_101330Plays Well With Vinyl

20161228_163322-2Bob Marley

These Songs of Freedom

20170113_102203Rise Against

20170113_102317Strung Out

20170113_102457D.I. – Death by Stereo – Pour Habit

So what do you think!?

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Recipe For a Productive New Year


1 HP Laptop

1 Epson XP-830 Printer

1 GoDaddy web hosting account

1-2 Web Domains

1 Word Press account

1 Microsoft Publisher software

1 Adobe Photoshop software

1 Udemy account

1 YouTube account

1 Etsy account

1 Audible account

1 Singer Patchwork sewing machine

1 Dremel 4200

1 Studio full of random shit you’ve accumulated over decades

1 Man of your dreams

1 Best dog ever

1 Wedding Date

1 Million dreams, goals & ideas

Add optimism, creativity and patience, to taste


Find, create and demand time to study and practice your craft(s)

Document with words and pictures

Make lists for every single thing, including usernames & passwords

Create a balance, a schedule, network contacts & short and long term goals

Don’t let the man get ya down, if something is unattainable, it’s probably only temporary

Do, trust in your support network & ask for help when necessary

If all else fails, if neither Google or YouTube have the answers, embrace your faith


Music makes my life complete
Something about that jungle beat
Vinyl forever the weapon of choice
To accompany that rasta voice
Lyrics of souls profound ambition
Pensive verse derived of passion
Visualize with faith a world so free
From the fluid clouds to the glistening sea
Thankful for colors pure and bright
The feeling of your skin in the warm sunlight
Of each star burning, blue skies for day
For the faithful moon when the sun rests her ray
Love for your family and friends you hold dear
May their lives fill with happiness more year after year
Each dream that they dream will surely transgress
Each path that they choose will lead to success
For angels watching over as they dance, sing and play
Love which you receive and love given away!!
Of every opportunity to rid discrimination
On this Earth, our Gift, of Divine Creation


But Today They Danced

Then the dolphins decide to dance
Right here in our infinite beyond
Blue. Green. Gray. And gone
Taking our burdens along their ride
As witness this mystery relieves our woes
Exempt from presence and pressure
Triviality of our misery- aware
As the current drifts them away
Dolphins and our pensive dance
I feel as free as they.